Principal Designer

Yulanda Harris, Ed.D, CNP

Although she appears to be unknown to the interior design industry, Yulanda, also known as Dr. Harris to her students at the college where she’s employed, has always maintained her passion for staging and interior design for more than 30 years. 

After receiving her doctorate degree in educational leadership and management; then becoming a certified neurodiversity professional, she decided to pursue those passions by starting her own business. She took a leap of faith and established Harris Interior Design Studio, where she and her team apprised of color consultants, stagers, and project managers - transforming ordinary spaces into an extraordinary atmosphere, creating a space that cultivates the clients’ needs, without compromising the integrity, architecture, and history of the space that being designed or re-designed. 

How do we do this? “We do it collectively, with the unique minds of team concepts, bringing various elements of decor, creativity, and balance to each room”, said Yulanda. Each transformed space is its own distinctive sanctuary. 

Upon the completion of each project, Yulanda presents each client with her signature gift, a decorative apple from her own personal collection which is associated with peace, good health, and harmony in the Chinese culture. A philosophy she has adopted as part of her faith. 


 "Our mission is to redesign or stage your home with a renewed perspective that uniquely reflects your personality and style".